So I have been watching Encanto recently and I have been loving the characters’ unique outfits that match their power! The first one up is Bruno Madrigal! I love his green hourglass gabán! Plus I already have the colors to get started. My goal is to make it a tote bag style like what I have drawn up. This will be the first tote bag I will be making since I usually make small shoulder bags(like morrales handmade Guatemalan bags) since they are my favorite! I will be working on this project in the meantime and hopefully will be uploading the pattern soon once I finish.

I might end up making one for each character. I am not entirely sure yet but it would be very cool, or making a blanket that has all of their unique clothing symbols on it! I will see how this first one comes out and possibly make some more. If I do make them I think I might make each one a different bag style, what do you think?

Also, which one is your favorite character from the movie? Or favorite part?