I have completed all the blocks!! YAY!

It has taken me quite a while to finish off all of the blocks. I did want to do another row, so an extra 4 pokémon but it might have ended up too large for me since I am shorter than most people. Every time I looked at the completed blocks it just made me laugh at how derpy and adorable these looked! I think that was really what kept me going and also that I wanted to try mini c2c.

What I have left is to weave in ends (why did I save them all for the end? It is going to be a lot… and my least favorite part) and then add the borders and join them together. Just looking at the following image of the ends I have to weave in is just overwhelming me. My plan for the borders is to border each pokémon with their color according to the pokédex. My favorite way to do borders is the join as you go method. I think it makes it a bit sturdier. Then I will call it done!

I am continuously uploading the pattern for each block so I will have them all online soon! In the meantime, you can work on the few blocks that are already on here. When I am not struggling with ends I will be working on uploading the pattern! I will make a post when I am done that will contain all of the links to the blocks I have uploaded and the ones I am working on.

I did have a few more pokémon that I drew up I still would like to try out, so maybe in the future I will probably make another blanket. Maybe I will make a ditto disguised as the pokémon from team rocket blanket? With regular c2c and make the blocks larger so it will have meowth, koffing, ekans, and wobbuffet! Actually, I might do that and possibly make a wall hanging of just one of the pokémon. What are your favorite pokémon? Or would have been awesome to see ditto disguised as?