Okay, so hear me out. I was doodling on my ipad last night and was just thinking about how that one Ditto could not transform into other pokémon super great. It made the transformed pokémon look derpy. Only a few transformations were shown in that episode that I remember and I started thinking about how it would look like as other ones. (I am pretty sure most of us have.) I now have many many pixel art drawings of ditto as other pokémon on my ipad. I was thinking they actually looked cute and together it could make a super adorable blanket! Here are a few that I drew!

Update: I have included all the images I have drawn up to when I have completed the blanket.

Now the problem is which ones will I include in this blanket since I have drawn so many. I am thinking of going with a mini c2c stitch to be able to include more. I might be able to have 12-16 squares since I do not need a large blanket either. I have also asked a few close friends what their favorites were so I could include them. The list is not definite, right now I will just be going by the colors I currently have in an attempt to reduce my yarn stash. Here’s to hoping I can start on it soon and my yarn stash gets smaller!