I now bring you what I have so far on the pattern for the ditto disguised as other pokémon blanket!!! Okay, so first things first. You will need a bunch of colors and time. As well as already knowing how to do c2c or mini c2c stitch. I do make it so my c2c blankets are broken up into blocks and not one gigantic block because it makes it easier to carry and is motivating to me after I finish each block. This one has 15 blocks.

I used the mini c2c stitch for the blocks of the blanket and I had a gauge of 8×8 squares in 4×4 inches. I made 15 blocks(so 15 different pokémon) for my blanket. My completed blanket was roughly 63 inches x 63 inches. So if you use regular c2c stitch your blanket will be larger and you can definitely lower the number of blocks you make. You can even reuse pokémon blocks if you wanted to, you can alternate between a certain one or do a non-shiny and shiny variation blanket.

Now if you think making a blanket might be too much work, feel free to make one block and turn into a wall hanging! Make two blocks and sew them together to make a pillow! Or make the two blocks and add a strap and make it into a bag!

Here is the list of patterns for the individual blocks along with what color border I did. Each one contains a chart and a c2c row guide to help you make it!


Bulbasaur – green border

Caterpie – green border

Pikachu – yellow border

Meowth – yellow border

Exeggcute – pink border

Magikarp – red border

Snorlax – black border

Chikorita – green border

Togepi – white border

Mudkip – blue border

Umbreon – black border

Drifloon – purple border

Alolan Raichu – brown border

Alolan Vulpix – white border

Ditto – purple border

Once you have made the blocks you can wait till you have them all to block them or just weave in ends. What did I do you ask? Well, I just weaved in the ends… I did not block them at all… Blocking helps to keep the blocks the same size, and my blocks were similar in size I did not feel like blocking.


This is the way I bordered the blanket done in mini c2c.

Row 1: Choose a starting point in between a c2c block do a chain 1 and slip stitch on to the block, do a 1 sc in between the c2c stitch and a chain 1 and repeat until you arrive at a corner. In the corner you will do a sc, chain 1, and another sc in the same corner stitch. Keeping repeating until you have made it all around and sl sc to the starting stitch.
Row 2: Chain 1. Make 2 hdc in the chain 1 until you reach a corner. In the corner chain make 1 hdc, chain 2, 1 hdc. Repeat and continue all around and slip stich and fasten off.

Note: If you are using regular c2c stitch and not mini c2c use the following changes for the border. In row 1 do sc and 2 chain. For row 2 do 3 dc in the chain 2. and in the corner 2 dc 2 chain 2dc.

I have a particular way of joining my blocks, I use the join as you go method. It might be easier for you to look it up than me explaining it over writing. This joining method is a bit more time-consuming but I do think it is a bit more sturdy. If you have a specific way to join them then please do whatever is comfortable for you. I did not do another border around all the blocks after connecting them, you can if you want. And that’s it! Best of luck making it! If you do make it feel free to message me or tag me in my socials and show me the end result!

Please do not copy and paste this pattern and claim it as your own, you are free to share it as long as you link it back to this page.